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Enjoy with pleasure!

Exclusive to Bohème Sauvage  available.


Cigarros Excitantes


Buena Vista are hand-rolled cigars from the Dominican Republic. Made by the most experienced cigar makers in the world, in the Arnold André Dominicana manufactory. Buena Vista are voyages of discovery to exceptional pleasure experiences.

For example with one of the rarest and most sophisticated tobaccos in the world - the Araperique tobacco from Brazil. Or the smoky, spicy-aromatic tobacco world of the exquisite Buena Vista Dark-Fired Kentucky.

Hecho a mano for a truly exciting taste experience. The result is excellent cigars, from which you can always expect something really special and excitingly different.  or


Since 1928 - tobacco without additives

The Afri is not without reason the cigarette of the individualists, the creative people, in short: the different thinker. Responsible for this is not only the unique history of the brand, but also the tasteful mixture that leads the connoisseur "back to basics". Only high-quality Burley, Virginia and Orient tobaccos are used for the Afri. The Afri comes in packs of 25 in the classic vintage soft pack. Of course with a filter and without additives.


Like no other smoking utensil, the cigarette holder carries the charm of old times so intensely and sensually, when exclusivity, individualism and tobacco consumption result in a wondrous blend for conscious connoisseurs. Almost 100 years later, we are now experiencing a renaissance of enjoyment and a self-confident statement about our own lifestyle - and rightly so! Tobacco connoisseurs can choose from more than 50 different cigarette holders of different sizes and materials, including filter variants.

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