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Tickets will be refunded



Dear Madam or Sir!
  Due to the changes that the pandemic and life bring with them, it is with a heavy heart that I have decided to cancel the event.
Your tickets will be refunded to you at full price by my ticket partner Ticketino within the next 30 days. I will cover the cancellation costs for you.
background, thank you and goodbye!

My name is Angela Nyffeler aka Petunia La Roche. My team and I have organized the Bohème Sauvage Suisse since 2013. I hope the festivities, all nine in all, gave you as much pleasure as I did, because it was always a matter of the heart and not a business matter.
I owe a special thanks to you, the beautiful, happy and imaginative guests of the Bohème Sauvage Suisse. They set the occasion and always showed good taste. I would also like to express special thanks to the artists who have made “my” Bohème Sauvage Suisse so exclusive and special; the burlesque dancers, the incomparable Coco Charleston and her team, the record entertainers Dr. Hirschfeld and Felix de Venosta from Berlin, the croupiers, vendors and emcees. Also, none of the events would have been possible without all my helpers at the entrance, at blackjack, at the absinthe bar, with light and sound and in the backstage area. I would also like to thank Else Edelstahl, who brought Bohème Sauvage to life and who inspired me.
I look forward to seeing you again on the streets of Zurich or at another event to talk to you about "the good old days". Until then, I bid you farewell. Petunia La Roche is now part of history and so is my Bohème Sauvage Suisse.


Yours, Angela Nyffeler

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