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'Bohème Sauvage' is...

... not just any party. It is a lavish festivity in honor of the heroes of bygone nights, which the heroes of today commemorate. Friends and sponsors of the 'Gesellschaft für mondäne Unterhaltung' include all those who don't know tomorrow and who celebrate every night as if it were their last; for whom no drink is too many and no dress is too chic. Because less is never more and too much is far from enough.

People chat, drink and dance. And learn how to dance- from Charleston to Swing, from Tango to Step. And not just in pairs, but also wild and solo to your heart's content.

Everyone who enters the golden halls of the 'Bohème Sauvage' dives into a world in which the air is full of gold dust; in which waltzes are still danced in the morning hours; in which the ladies wear fans and the gentlemen wear monocles, and Absinthe is not a foreign word.

'Bohème Sauvage' is modern nostalgia. Inspired by the French Belle Epoque, the Berlin Roaring Twenties and the American Swingin' Thirties, nothing is staged here, everything is celebrated to perfection. Our guests can expect a detailed ambience and a glamorous stage program.

While the fine ladies and gentlemen pursue their pleasures in the large salon, the greats of the underworld gather in the casino to gamble away their last Reichsmarks, to get to know easy girls or to go about their business in the private room.

Have a drink at the absinthe bar and join the Poker, Black Jack or Roulette tables.

We await you for another lavish night!

The 'Bohème Sauvage' has been taking place regularly since May 2005 in various establishments in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Vienna and Zurich. You can find current dates here .  

'Bohème Sauvage' is not...

... the attempt to "replay" a past time in detail. No claim is made of absolute authenticity, but rather of style and taste inspired by said era. It is up to each guest how far they want to go.

The absolute most important concern of the 'Bohème Sauvage' is to give their guests the greatest possible pleasure.

The 'Gesellschaft für mondäne Unterhaltung' is...

... a non-public club with selected members. It organizes and promotes cultural events such as 'Bohème Sauvage'.  


The Producer

The producer, initiator, inventor and host of the 'Bohème Sauvage' is Miss Else Edelstahl. In May 2006, after she and her sister Emma Edelstahl had already organized a number of private "Twenties" salons in Berlin, she developed the concept of a large public vintage party. Thus 'Bohème Sauvage' was born, and further nurtured over the years - a time capsule, yet, evolving. And growing to include a team of enthusiastic and loyal sponsors and supporters. 

Thank you very much!


The Guests

At few nightlife events will you meet such a colorful and diverse audience as at a 'Bohème'. Modern Bohémians and Bohémiennes, drag queens, birds of paradise, artists of all stripes, dance enthusiasts, bon vivants - "completely normal people" - everything is available here. The ages range from 18 to 80. Some bring their parents and others their sons and daughters.


The Music

On such a 'Bohème Sauvage' night our DJs play some crazy sounds. Mainly music that more or less already existed 'back then' in one way or another. The party usually begins with authentic sounds, 1920s jazz hits and chansons, swing and gipsy. Modern recordings of old music are gradually being added. In addition to Charleston, Swing and Hot Jazz, you can also hear Klezmer, Gipsy, Russian Folk and Latino sounds such as Tangos, ChaChaChas, Mambos and Rumbas. Anything that somehow suits the mood of such an evening is allowed here.

The Dance

Dancing here is mainly wild and irrepressible. However, if you are adept at partner dancing, you definitely have the opportunity to do Lindy Hop (Swing), Charleston, Balboa, Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Rumba, ChaChaCha, Mambo and more. To encourage such dances, the program of each 'Bohème Sauvage' evening usually begins with an approximately 15 minute introductory dance course, usually in Charleston, Swing or Foxtrot.

Cell Phone Ban

The use of modern telephone equipment and photographic devices is strictly prohibited. Violation will be punished with a fine of 25 million Reichsmark.

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