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this info  is aimed at guests who already have tickets  Bohème Sauvage have acquired events that have not taken place or will not take place.



Only until December 10th, 2020!!!



Bon jour everyone!

Unfortunately yes  still not sure when your already  purchased tickets  can be used for a Bohème Sauvage.


Therefore we would like to offer you an exciting alternative,  for the  your tickets,  or any part of your credit  can redeem.


Invest (until 10 Dec 20) your credit in the  


Crowdfunding campaign at Startnext for

The book on the occasion of 15 years of Bohème Sauvage


by Marie de Winter

Scheduled Shipment  if the crowdfunding campaign is successful: July/August 2021


Please fill in this form.

We will then place the order for you within the Startnext
  Run a crowdfunding campaign and you don't have to do anything else.

The remaining amount of your credit  will remain with you. As soon as tickets for events are available again, we will send you a voucher code to redeem, which will then be applied immediately when you buy new tickets.

If the crowdfunding campaign does not reach its goal of €9,000, then the book will unfortunately not be able to be written and printed, so that you will of course retain the entire credit in this case. We will keep you informed about this.

More information at:

Selection with pictures see below
I would like to redeem my credit or part of my credit for:
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