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BS Berlin Nº112

March 26, 2022    Homeport Neukölln


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from 01 March 2022



The company for sophisticated entertainment invites you to


Bohemian Sauvage Nº112

A homage to the Berlin nightlife of the roaring twenties


March 26, 2012 – Homeport Neukölln, Berlin


With live band, burlesque beauty dance, conférenicer, introductory dance course, casino, absinthe bar, vendors' vendors, photo studio and many other amusements and divertissements


It sparkles and glitters, it crackles and trembles!

Immerse yourself in Berlin's dazzling nightlife of the 1920s!


Since almost 16  For years, Else Edelstahl, the grande dame of the 1920s, has regularly invited bohemians and bon vivants from all over the world to dance on the volcano!

Since then, their illustrious parties with up to 1000 guests have taken place regularly in Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne.


The establishment, the Heimathafen Neukölln, has everything that is needed for a wild and wicked night: a beautiful ballroom with Art Nouveau elements and a balcony from 1874, a large stage with a red velvet curtain, and the foyer with a casino, photo studio and other amusements.


The notorious Mr. Piglet Johnson will lead you through the lavish ball night as your emcee.


The whiskey thinkers from Berlin will conjure up fire under the soles of the appropriate audience with their energetic 20s hot jazz music and swing.


Also a guest: the burlesque beauty dancer Lotti Lieblich. She is the perfect incarnation of an exotic dancer of the 1920s. Their unique and exquisite shows instantly transport the viewer into a fantastical world of wonder and are guaranteed to leave a dreamy, enraptured smile on their face.


The record entertainers Mr. Felix de Venosta and Mr. Dr. Hirschfeld provide the appropriate floor sweepers. Dance music from the 1920s to 1940s, Charleston, tango, gipsy, klezmer, Russian folk and of course swing is performed.


Already at the entrance the guest receives 50 million Reichsmark. These can be gambled away in the casino area at the roulette table, at blackjack or poker.

If you're lucky, you can have a rendez-vouz with the green fairy at the absinthe bar for 150 million Reichsmark.

Cigars, cigarette holders, useful accessories or even rubber goods for fun afterwards and much more are available from the vendor's vendor.


The dress code should be strictly observed: 1910 to 1930, diva, dandy, gigolo, bohemian. If you have any difficulties, you can first get advice from our in-house costume and accessory rental Le Boudoir in Berlin Friedrichshain.


Please note the ban on taking photographs: If you are caught with one of these newfangled trouser pocket devices, this can result in a fine of 50 million Reichsmarks.


We are excited about the exciting collaboration with Denicotea and Buena Vista Cigars as our partners for cigarette holders and cigars.






The Bohème Sauvage is not a conventional party, it is a lavish festival in honor of the heroes of bygone nights, which the heroes of today remember. The friends and sponsors of the 'Society for Sophisticated Entertainment' include all those who don't know tomorrow and celebrate every night as if it were their last.


No drink is too many and no dress too chic for the guests of the Bohème Sauvage. Because less is never more and too much is far from enough. People chat, drink and dance. Everyone who enters the golden halls of the Bohème Sauvage dives into a world where the air is full of gold dust, people still dance the waltz in the morning hours, absinthe is not a foreign word, the ladies wear fans and the gentlemen wear monocles.

Inspired by the French Belle Epoque, the Berlin Roaring Twenties and the American Swingin' Thirties, nothing is staged here, everything is celebrated to perfection.


The Society for Sophisticated Entertainment is a private club with select members. It organizes and promotes cultural events related to the 1920s.

The organizer, initiator and host of the Bohème Sauvage is Miss Else Edelstahl. After she had already arranged various salons in private circles in the style of the twenties at the tender age of 23, the first public event of this kind took place in May 2006. Bohemian Sauvage was born. Since then, the concept has been continuously developed and expanded and is now probably Europe's largest regular event of its kind.





Suitable for an international audience aged 18 to 80.

Deadline: March 26, 2022

Times: 9 p.m. admission and start 

Address: Heimathafen, Karl-Marx-Str. 141, Berlin Neukoelln

Ticket price: from €38 + including cloakroom and fees





Accreditation, interview and press inquiries:

0176-64934560 |




Images with credit to 'Heinrich v. Shine'


Pictures with credit to 'Frederic Schweizer'

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