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Please also read " THE GOOD STYLE " (Excerpt from Le Journal Nº5)

The following applies: 1920s (+/- 10 years) - bohemian, cabaret, dandy, decadent, diva, crook, gigolo, vaudeville ...

In the chic of the twenties, a touch of fin de siècle melancholy, in the twilight of dubious shops and between variety girls and dandies, the bohemian and his kind can enjoy the night. You can also be on first name terms with any mafiosi and other crooks this evening, because you don't have much to lose - apart from your inflationary Reichsmark.

Whether as a bold whore or elegant diva, as a mafia boss, gallant gigolo or discreet gentleman, Charleston Kid or revue dancer - an evening when you can't be overdressed enough - a stole here, a pearl necklace there, gaiters, a pointed mustache... whatever. Indulge in a sophisticated and generous glass of absinthe while playing poker.

We would particularly like to encourage women to use accessories and hats creatively, as well as exciting hair modeling (keyword: finger waves) and the use of various make-up techniques (keyword: smokey eyes and pale complexion).

UNWANTED, quite apart from any modern clothing such as jeans, T-shirts, sneakers, etc., are glitzy and tasteless carnival costumes, plastic items, flashy wigs, pink feather boas and everything that is obviously not appropriate to the period between 1890 and 1930. We expressly appeal to your sense of style and aesthetics. Unfortunately, wearing long, open hair in the 1920s is also completely unfashionable, not to say old-fashioned.
If you are turned away at the door due to unsuitable robes or accessories but have already purchased tickets in advance, we are not obliged to refund the ticket amount.

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