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in the Corona crisis!

Dear friends and sponsors of the society for sophisticated entertainment!

As you can imagine, the Bohème Sauvage is a series of events  severely affected and endangered by the Corona crisis.

We don't know yet if and when and under what circumstances the events can take place again.  If things can go on as planned from September, we'll come up with the proverbial  black eye from it. However, if the restrictions and, in our case, the complete professional ban last until the end of the year or beyond, the continued existence of Edelstahl Events and thus the Bohème Sauvage is unfortunately badly endangered.

So that it doesn't come to that, we have now reached the point where we, like many other cultural institutions, organizers, institutions, clubs and artists, would like to ask you for your financial support.

Here you can contribute any amount to the BOHÈME SAUVAGE.  From 10 euros we will send you  the LE JOURNAL No7 by post if you send us your postal address.

Via PayPal or credit card


By Bank transfer:

Stainless Steel Events

IBAN: DE04700222000020106719  


In addition, there is now an online BOUTIQUE .

Here you can buy Bohème Sauvage items as well as first-class second-hand items from our LE BOUDOIR in Berlin. Also your purchase  help us through the crisis!

Note for guests who have already purchased tickets:

Please do not worry!  The amounts or credits, if you do not want to donate them, are safe with us. Should the business go out of business, i.e. insolvency, so that the tickets can no longer be used at an event, all amounts will be refunded beforehand so that you do not suffer any involuntary loss.

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